This portal 

is being built to

serve needs1 of the

DPIO / DDPN2  Community.


        Portal Services: (See )


   1 a. select a wind/solar3/bio/geo/hydro/DG4 power plant:  purchase price comparison,
             including clean / ancillary power operations software;
      b. aquire the power unit/plant:  online purchasing financed by renewables power
             coop;  approval of unit/plant-site proposal;  Participatory deployment & operations;
      c. select, connect and/or develop a DG power network:  Participatory query,
             planning, design & miniproject proof of concept;  presentational & content-based multi-
             variable testing;  energy cache & storage;

      d. select and/or use DG firmware/embedded apps:
  controllable loading;  solar
      e. utilize a data network:  Community blog & global search;  R,D&M exchange;
             e-discovery; regulation & compliance tracking;  secure broadband WLAN (WEP/WPA);
             WLAN network management (802.11v) ;  PoE/BPL standards;  Parallel Tech
             Development Tracking & Tech Integration (PTDI);
       f. woo & support green power producers & consumers:  Green Power PEOPLE’S
Catalog: Select, Deploy & Drive a Decentralized Green Power Plant,
             Catalog: Our Green Benefits, …
   2  Decentralized Data/Power Interoperation / Decentralized Data/Power Network
   3  integrated solar-insulation roofing & siding:
  fut. coop outlet: Stellarcell Shingles & Siding
   4  Distributed (power) Generation

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